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In addition to sending clients your way, you can use our platform to

find service providers outside of your area, as well.

Why work with us?

Are you a part-time agent that wants to generate additional income?

Is your current referral network unreliable?

Are your clients looking to sell or purchase assets outside of your specialization or comfort zone?

Are you looking for a source of passive income?

Do you need an unbiased and objective referral to a proven professional?

We've got you covered.


How can I become part of your referral network?

Good news! If you're a licensed real estate broker or salesperson in New York, then you're already in our system. But, if you want to complete your profile, see the link above to get started and we'll make sure that all of your information is complete and up to date.

Do I need to opt in or fill out any additional paperwork?

Even more good news! No additional paperwork, applications or surveys are needed. If you've ever sold a property in New York, then you're in our system.

How can I ensure that I will be referred?

Unfortunately, we can't ensure or guarantee that any particular agent will be chosen. Our analytics process is entirely based on the data collection from our trusted sources and the final choice to engage an agent is ultimately belongs to the client.

Agent Perks:


Even more great news!  As part of our network, we offer exclusive perks for you and your clients for a number of different services. 

We'll also give you access to our cutting-edge data analytics platforms and assist you with any part of the transaction, should you find yourself in a place of need. 

Don't hesitate to reach out with anything that you or your clients may need.