Your goal is to make the most amount of money on your sale, and our job is to help you achieve that goal.  Take these 10 tips that we've found make the difference between a listing that sits for months and one that sells over its asking price with multiple offers in just a few days.

1. Market timing is critical.

A good agent will help you determine timing as it relates to the other properties on the market, and seasonality. Choosing the right time to market, such as Spring, when there is limited inventory and abundance of buyers may be better for some, while a market with limited inventory may be better for others.

2. Spruce up the interior: paint touch ups, all neutral colors.

A little paint job can go a long way. Light colors will help mask that purple cabinetry, appealing to everyone's taste.

3. Update kitchens and baths.

Sometimes all it takes is resurfacing cabinet doors and installing new hardware. You don't need a new slab of marble or a $15,000 budget to see results.

4. De-clutter and organize your closets.

Buyers will look everywhere! If your closets look like a dump, they'll wonder how the rest of the house has been kept.

5. Stage your home for sale by hiring a professional. Best money spent!

An awkward layout, furniture that doesn't fit, or drab furnishings can be the difference between a bidding war and a price reduction. You want to get it right the first time around.

6. Get a professional to deep-clean.

Make it sparkle. 

7. Check lighting to make sure all bulbs match and are working.

The importance of lighting cannot be understated! For such a minimal cost, your return is a well lit and nicely presented property. 

8. Consider your own inspection.

If you have any concerns about the mechanics, structure or electrical systems, have a professional home inspection done to ensure that all systems are running properly or be able to anticipate what will turn up.

9. Add potted plants and flowers to empty spaces and remove any unhealthy plants that detract from your home's appearance.

A nice touch of green creates a welcoming environment.

10. Get professional photos taken.

Perhaps the largest impact on your sale will be how it presents online. A professional will know the right angles, and lighting to show your home so that buyers will want to see it.