"How do I find a great real estate agent?"

A seemingly easy enough question, but one that is quite difficult to answer if you really think about it.  '"Referrals,' 'Yelp!,' 'Zillow,' 'Streeteasy'" are all responses that you may expect to hear.  But, how do we know if any of these sources are really reliable?  

Most referrals come from people that we inherently trust, but who may not necessarily be an authority or qualified to give such a referral.  Online search engines are really just compilations of qualitative data sources and don't include the statistics that really matter. Relying on one of these sources often results in an under-informed decision to work with a particular agent, which may seem forced.

 Source:  Zillow, Yelp! and Google.

Source:  Zillow, Yelp! and Google.

With all of the data and information available to us today, it's time that online rankings evolve from the 5 Star Review to a more comprehensive platform, that takes into account the factors that truly measure performance. We understand that absorption rates, supply quotients, pricing considerations, and other transaction statistics aren't easy to ascertain or to analyze, so we built a software solution to simplify the entire process.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed or pressured to find a real estate advocate on your own, or based upon a blind referral, let us help.  We'll make sure that you have all of the factual information that you need (or know where to find it), in order to make an informed decisions, and know all of the right questions to ask, to keep your agent honest.