11 days before closing, what can go wrong?


Aside from ensuring we have our down payment funds in order prior to close, what actually has to happen to receive a "clear to close" at this point?

FWIW - The seller picked the end of the month as she is closing on the purchase of her new home and moving in a week before we are scheduled to close.


The good news is that you're around 95% of the way there. While it is still possible to hit a snag, it sounds like you're in a great position to close on your side (Assuming all is clear with your Commitment Letter, down payment, and any inspection / appraisal items have been settled).  The seller's side, on the other hand, may be in a position to delay closing if their purchase / move-in timeline gets pushed.

Outside of a force-majeure or a seller delay, the most likely barrier to close, at this point, is your final walkthrough. In the event that something happens to the house in the next week, you'll have to address it between close and the walkthrough. These items are often small, but can end up being contentious for various reasons (proximity to close, additional paperwork, and nature of negotiation).