After the initial excitement of browsing online wears off, the path to home ownership can become overwhelming. 

  • What neighborhoods should I look in?
  • What will it get me? 
  • Are my expectations realistic?
  • Is there anywhere else should I be looking?
  • What professionals should I be talking to?

Our team addresses each one of these questions with data-based tools to help you get answers without the headache and hassle.


What neighborhoods should I look in?

If you don't already know exactly where we want to live, we often look to friends and professionals who know the markets based on years of experience. However, for most of us, it can be overwhelming.  The good news is that if you know enough of the things that you really care about (e.g. home size, beds/baths, budget, school district, geographic proximity, etc.), the ability to find neighborhoods that have those home characteristics becomes very easy.

What will it get me?

Once you have your budget and a short list of neighborhoods, we can actually tell you, what you can expect to find at your price range. For example, a budget of $500,000 would likely be a 2 bed in Neighborhood X but a 3 bed in Neighborhood Y. We can also tell you what kind of amenities you would expect for that neighborhood, or average monthly fees as well.


Are my expectations realistic?

Your best friend told you that they found a diamond in the rough last year, and that makes you incredibly envious. But was it really that rare? Are we talking 1 in a million, or was it actually closer to what you can expect for that area. It's important to know when you're wasting time searching for something that just may not be there...

Is there anywhere else that I should be looking?

As long as you know your budget and search parameters, finding similar neighborhoods doesn't become difficult, if you have the right information. While no single person can know the characteristics of every neighborhood, our extremely large database surely can! By using Machine Learning, finding neighborhoods based on similarities and characteristics has become a simple task - like finding other neighborhoods with tree-lined streets and townhouses from 1900, all within your budget.


What professionals should I be talking to?

Now that you've thought about all of the considerations that go into where to focus your search, it's time to talk to the experts in those areas. Making sure you have a team with all the right pieces is important!

  • Your agent is your neighborhood and pricing specialist - they know the housing stock inside and out and have the experience you need to know how to structure and approach your negotiation.
  • Finding an attorney is just as important! They will be in your corner to protect you contractually and should have the experience necessary to guide you if something seems amiss. 
  • If you're financing, a mortgage lender that knows the neighborhood is imperative. Often, lenders may make promises to win on pricing, but may fail to get the deal done when it matters. Don't underestimate the importance of dealing with someone who knows the community or the building.