Because we couldn't, in good conscience, go the MasterCard route (i.e. Priceless), we created a calculator for you to use in order to find out.  


If you're buying a property, it's pretty vanilla - you never pay fees - which means that every dollar of savings is passed right back on to you. The misconception that you'll save more by using the seller's broker is just that, a misconception.  How do we know?  We do this for a living.  


If you're selling, a great agent will get your a premium in a shorter period of time. "By how much", you ask?  In NYC the average discount was just over 1% after 30 days on the market and that number surpassed 7% after 120 days.

Now, assuming that a great agent can sell for up to a 12% premium and in 30% less time, let's use the calculator below to find out how much time and money you would actually save.